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After a rain or dust storm, it is possible that one pool service visit may not be enough to return your pool to its normal clean and clear state. After high winds or a dust storm, it may take up to two cleaning visits for the pool's cleanliness to return to normal.


Most customers opt to perform all or some of these 7 tips in between our regularly scheduled visits and others request us to come out for an additional service visit (when possible - extra fee applies).

Tips for Homeowners:

1. Turn the pool equipment on and run the pool extra hours

2. Skim the top and bottom of your pool with a leaf net

3. Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets (this may need to be done more than once)

4. Make sure your auto vac is working and not plugged with debris

5. Brush the visible dirt on sides and the bottom of the pool

6. Shock with an oxidizer

7. Call us if you need further advice or pool cleaning tools

If you are interested in an extra service visit, please call our office 480-502-2890. Time and day of the extra visit will be determined by availability.


There is a sliding fee from $50 - $100 (plus chemicals) for the extra visit, depending on the severity of the storm damage.

We know that most of our customers understand the unusual situation that these storms can create, but if there is ever a question, please don't hesitate to give us a call.



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