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How can I tell if my pool has a leak?

Simply fill a bucket with pool water and put it in the pool so that the water level of the bucket and the pool are the same. If the water level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket after one week, you probably have a leak. This method is relatively reliable, because the condensation behavior is the same in both tanks.



My water looks cloudy... Why?


Always check your pool chemistry first.  High pH, phosphates, or not enough sanitizer in the water can cause the pool to look cloudy. 



Why is my pool green?


Most times if your water turns green, there is not enough sanitizer in the water.  Always check your phosphate levels as soon as any algae is present and treat as soon as possible.  



Is it normal to have air bubbles coming back through my return lines?


NO!!  Air coming back through your returns is a sign of a suction leak at your pump system.  Not addressing this can only lead to bigger problems.  



Why is my pressure low?


Tough one... Could be a number of things.  Easiest things to check: 

(1)  Is your water at the correct level in the pool?

(2)  Is your pump basket empty of debris?

(3)  Is your pump lid and oring installed correctly, lubed and tight enough?

Past that - call your pool pro! 



Why is my pressure high?


Easiest thing here is to clean/backwash your filter.  

Again, past that - call your pool pro! 



Where should I keep my water level at?


Water level should be maintained at 1/2 way up your skimmer mouth at all times.  Too high of water will not clean effectively and too low of water will cause the system to run dry, which is bad.  

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