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.... R & R Everclear has been around for OVER 15 years?  Since the days of Andy and Scott cleaning and servicing all of our pools, we have grown to a company of over 14 employees.  We are all committed to providing you with the best pool care and service possible.  


.... we are just a phone call away.  Our bookeeper, Amy, is in the office daily (M-F) from 9am to 3pm and can be reached by phone (480-502-2890) or email (amy@rreverclear.com) during this time to address billing questions.  All other questions should be directed to our service manager, Russ Rose (480-296-8400)


.... that a new law affecting pool pumps went into effect on January 1, 2012?  This law, called Title 44, requires that any newly installed pool motor being 1 horsepower or more and attached to a filter, have at least 2 speeds.  Meaning:  If your existing pool motor goes out, we must upgrade your pool motor to a variable or 2 speed motor.  These new motors cost substantially more, but will save $300-$400 annually in electric costs.  


.... we keep a sign-in card in your pool's timer box?  This card should be left in the box to serve as a record of the service you receive.  Should you ever wonder if your pool was serviced, check the card.  It will tell you what day it was serviced and what was done.  For example, when your filter was last backwashed or cleaned, if your pool was vacuumed, what your chemical readings were and what chemicals were put in and if your salt cell was cleaned.  Not only does the card tell you what was done, it also will tell us as we check on the service you are receiving.  


.... pools need to be drained every 2-5 years?  In Arizona, we have very hard (high calcium) water.  Calcium does not evaporate as water does.  Over time, the water in your pool becomes harder and harder - making it more difficult for the chemicals in your pool to be effective.  It also greatly speeds up how quickly and heavily a calcium line will form on your tile or pebble at the water's edge.  


.... that calcium line WILL eventually form - even though your tile or pebble is being brushed weekly?  The sun and air bake and dry the calcium to your tile or pebble more and more over time.  Once it gets too displeasing to look at, it will require a process called 'glass beading' to remove and renew the surface.  This process generally costs @$3.50-$4.00 per linear foot, depending on the severity of the build-up.  Give us a call to arrange this service.  We would be happy to send our 'tile guy' out to assist you.   


.... there are a few preventative measures that can be taken to address the formation of a calcium line?  NONE OF THESE ARE FAIL-PROOF, but will slow down the process.  

  1. Drain your pool regularly 
  2. There is a chemical called 'Scale Tec' for chlorine pools and 'Beau Tec' for salt pools that can be added to your pool to slow down the formation of a calcium line on your tile or pebble.  We do charge extra for this chemical.  Contact your cleaner or service manager if you are interested.  
  3. Treat your tile line with vegetable oil or Rain-X.  These will help bead back the water and prevent calcium from formin


.... that in addition to hardness, stabilizer (aka conditioner or cyanuric acid) also does not evaporate?  What is stabilizer?  Stabilizer is a chemical that reacts only with chlorine to keep it from buring out from the sun.  If you have little or no stabilizer, the sun will burn off the chlorine quickly and your pool will get algae.  If you have too much stabilizer (which occurs in pools htat have not been drained in several years because chlorine tablets have stabilizer in them) it will bind up all of the chlorine, making it unavailable to kill algae and your pool will get algae.  High stabilizer can only be corrected by draining your pool and renewing the water.  


.... salt pools make chlorine from the salt in the water?  Salt also does not evaporate.  City water contains some salt in it, thus, gradually increasing the amount of salt in your pool.  Due to the fact that salt cells only work within a certain range and can be affected by the hardness of the water, salt pools need to be drained more frequently.  


.... salt cells are delicate instruments?  Every time you clean a salt cell, it takes life off of the cell.  Salt cells should generall be cleaned about every 3 months unless it is new, in which case, it can go longer.  If it is a couple years old, it may need it more frequently.  If your cell needs to be cleaned every week or even once a month, it is most likely not working correctly or the pool hardness is very high and needs to be drained.  To extend the life of your cell - R & R may disable your cell in the winter months when you are not using your pool.  


.... your pool needs to run (circulate water), as a rule of thumb, 1 hour for every 10 degrees?  For example, in the winter when the average temps are 50-60 degrees, your pool should run at least 5 hours.  In the heat of the summer, you may need to run your pool up to 10 hours, especially if you have a salt pool, because you may  not be able to produce enough chlorine with lower run times.  


.... your pool filter needs to be cleaned generally 1-3 times per year?  This is an additional $99 per cleaning.  We automatically perform this service when needed, UNLESS DIRECTED NOT TO DO SO.  You need to inform us if you do NOT want us to automatically clean your filter when needed.  


.... our bookkeeper, Amy, inputs charges as she receives them from our workers?  Most of the time, she is NOT aware of the actual work being done at your pool.  If you feel a billing error has occurred, you may reach a quicker resolution by directing your questions to our service manager via phone or email. 


.... our entire staff receives a paid vacation between Christmas and New Years? That's our way of thanking our employees for a year of hard work.  We know it is a week that your pool goes unserviced, but it is during the cool time of year when your pool can last (chemically) for two weeks.  Your missed service is offset by the 3 other months that have 5 weeks instead of 4 - where we do not ask for additional money.  


.... you can have your monthly bill emailed to you?  This saves time, paper and money.  Please contact Amy by email (amy@rreverclear.com) to have youir bill sent via email.


.... we have a $50 referral policy?  We will credit your account for every client that you refer to us who signs up for our pool cleaning service.  


.... R & R Everclear has expanded our service to include remodels?  We can now refinish your cracking pool surface.  Call your service manager for a free quote. 

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